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Indeed. It's the same with abortion. I blame the media, and the politicians for stirring up the anger that surrounds. They should discuss the issue with the people involved: women, ask them for input, examine the data around illegal abortions and how it causes women to die, then decide that it's not something men can make laws about. It should be up to each individual woman to make a decision about her own body, whether to have one or not, and the demonstrating by pro-lifers shouldn't be allowed. Or if people are going to become violent about abortion, they should be made to pay for the upkeep of places of safety and foster parents for the children women who don't want them are forced to give birth to.

Also with this sort of thing, it shouldn't be in the media. It's a private family matter between the medical professionals and the family involved. The crowds who protest should mind their own business.
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