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Sega/Mega CD

Along years I've emulated(/pirated...) tens of systems. But few have fascinated me as much the Mega-CD add-on of MegaDrive - aka Sega CD for Genesis in US.

Firstly, as my still only console is Sega Master System, I am somewhat a Sega fanboy. And I don't often call myself a fan, much less a fanboy.

Secondly, Mega-CD was one of the first CD systems and I just love the early CD games, computer or console. There are such unique inventions from that era when game makers suddenly had 100 times more space than before and tried to think what to do with it.

FMV is hugely underrated. In the 90's - when it was used - resolutions were grainy and games were made with the kind of budget that programmers not only wrote but acted themselves (or their cousin and neighbor did) the film bits of games. This gave FMV bad reputation, which wasn't helped by the next step being that the first real actors appearing in games were mostly B/C-class Hollywood rejects (thought there's actually number of great actors who did game roles: Walken, Hopper, McDowell...).
And OK, there are many horrible rail shooters and lightgun games. But nevertheless that era, including FMV based games, is full of special stuff - especially from Japan, like in so many other things.

Now that my connection has improved...
I don't want promote (or admit) any illegal activities, but let us say my attention has lately been on Mega-CD.


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