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Re: Recipes

As you can tell I like finger food - spring rolls, sushi, pizza - so it's time we talk about Mexican finger food, the taco, or more specifically, the fish taco. Americans make a fish taco with wheat flour tortillas, thinly sliced cabbage, and a sour cream sauce. It's actually pretty good but I like staying as authentic to Mexico as I can. That means using corn tortillas and Pico de Gallo. The problem starts right here because traditional Mexican salsa was always fire roasted, or Salsa de Molcajete. It's not that important but a mixture of roasted and fresh salsa adds to the depth of flavor. A heck of a lot better than the cabbage and sour cream sauce used by Americans.

]Pico de Gallo
I add half of a red onion and a few radishes.

The next problem is getting people to try corn tortillas. There is nothing better than homemade tortillas. And I'm not talking about the fried tortillas you get at Taco Bell. An authentic tortilla is cooked on a grill. This leads us to yet another problem; grilled corn tortillas get mushy quickly from the juices in the salsa. Mexicans solved this problem by stacking 2 corn tortillas for each taco. If you grill the tortillas longer, one will hold up to the juices but will turn to rubber if left on the grill too long. Some restaurants started using the thick, fluffy, Guatemalan tortillas for their tacos, so let's try it this way first.

]Guatemalan tortillas

No matter what the recipe says, you cannot use any corn flour to make tortillas. It has to be a masa flour that has been treated with a lime solution to form a dough.

Masa flour

It doesn't get much easier than that. Make sure to let the dough rest for awhile. The final problem is that traditional fish tacos fry the fish. It makes no sense to eat healthy and then fry the fish. Look for a local fish that holds up well on the grill. Since cabbage and sour cream go with fish, I make a coleslaw as a side dish, or a light Kimchi, along with baked black beans. Jicama also goes well with fish. I know Mexicans that use fruit in their salsa. Don't be afraid of fresh, local ingredients.

]Mexico On My Plate

Guatemalan tortillas
Local fish that holds together on the grill
Local ingredients for a salsa and a few side dishes

Finger food heaven.
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