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Re: My poetry


heart starts pounding
blood pressure rising
pulse quickening

eyes become funny
don't notice things
can't focus

head isn't working
words don't come
mind is blank

body is frozen
unable to move
just shaking


true hell
is not what is
but what isn't

not the reality
but what could be
cruelty of dreams

hope and despair
contrast boosting
the power of both

not being in heaven
is the greatest hell


I fear change
losing what I have
not being able
to do what I did
getting new troubles
and responsibilities

I avoid change
I remain passive
not rocking the boat
not asking for trouble
letting things be
as they are

I hope for change
for something better
a good thing to happen
a little miracle
perhaps someone new
to enter my life

I pray for change
so tired of same old
yearning even a bit more
than this emptiness I have
anything must be
better than this

High and mighty

I'm above ordinary folks
sneer at lesser people
until come the moments
when they are wiser than me

then I'd wish to join them
whom I disrespect
but the step is too long
for me to reach other side

I never laugh at myself
I can never come down
from my ivory tower
the fall is too great


moon shines into my bed
calms my restless mind
the best reminder
there is some light
and beauty in the world

it may be behind clouds
completely unseen
but one can always trust
moon will come back
is something permanent

in reality so enormous
hanging in my window
like a silver coin
what blessing it is to us
to have this satellite


from the moment match is lit
to the last wisp of smoke
a fire is a pleasure to behold

a campfire
a fireplace
a great big bonfire

constant change
new shapes emerging and vanishing
a metaphor to universe
full of temporary

Pain of game

I'm not a bad loser
I just hate losing
especially when I shouldn't
losing to an opponent
who's not better than me

but I can take that

it's different things
that really tear my nerves
like not being able to do
as good as I have
losing to my old scores

that's what frustrates me

or losing and losing again
enough times make me snap
then no power in world
can take me away from the game
before I'm done with it

shouting raving lunatic

but when I finally make it
then I can be at peace
leave the whole thing behind
as if it never was a big deal
what's past is past

until the next time


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Re: My poetry


I run
for running itself
I don't compete
anyone but myself

I don't
care about health
I'm not jogging
to be more fit

I run
for the pain
and tireness
that calms my mind

I don't
care people looking
as I rush through
snow-covered streets

I run
for few moments
of pure oblivion
outside everything

My arrogance

I am blind
to the wisdom of others

how could they be wise
they don't think like I think
so they don't see what I see

if they don't see even what I see
how could they be wiser then me
who sees everything so clearly

what could I learn from anyone
that I do not already know

I do not always want to admit it
but I know what the truth is

Too intelligent

damned many things
require stupidity
taking risks

I'm too intelligent
too careful
to do much

it's not fear
I'm not afraid
brains stop me

pure intelligence
without wisdom
a terrible curse


is there any sound more awesome
than the great rumble of the sky

and does any view equal
flash of lightning against dark clouds

what could be better to feel
than heavy drops thrown by warm winds

a smell of freshness
grows from plants as rain washes the world

sweet water is mixed with salty sweat
flavors altering and competing

most glorious display of nature
heaven itself making love to earth

Honor, dignity, pride

honor, dignety, pride
a virtue, a feature, a vice
all three so alike

one tends to call his pride "dignety"
one tends to call his dignety "honor"
only best of us wonder if their honor is "pride"

many things
of many kind
are called in all these names

I try to have honor
I've always had dignety
my pride doesn't allow me to admit itself

fine lines between them
the wise may contemplate what they are
the fools should stay clear of all three

Little bit

I'm a little bit this and that

I'm a little bit genious
I'm a little bit crazy

not remarkably
not so much that anyone would notice
but a little bit

perhaps I'm a little bit authistic
I suppose I'm a little bit manic-debressive

not really
not enough that it would mean anything
but a little bit

I'm a little bit helpless
I'm a little bit in trouble

not the way that I would do anything about it
or anyone else
but a little bit

just a little bit of everything
so that nothing sticks out


I'm running towards a wall

until now I've stood
looking at it

but now fate has made me run
and the wall is getting closer

I must either
try to stop and hit it
or speed up and jump
trying to get over it

one of those moments
when even I have to make a decision

I'm curious to see
what will I do


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Re: My poetry

Since I add these so rarely, let's put plenty at once...


most of time walls surround me
more profoundly than one might think
because there are invisible walls
that keep me within the physical

invisible walls are unbreakable
at least from the inside
but how could anyone break them from outside
when they don't see they exist

walls stop you unconditionally
there is a wall equals you can't go there
you stay here as the wall stays where it is
I have terribly many walls

My view

on days
birds walk the roof
of gray four-story building
sit on antenna
and in the tall birches
across the street

tower of the church
bathes in orange light
every clear dawn and evening
red brick firestation
only other bright color
among gray and green of my view

on nights
lights on lamps and windows
like candles in darkness
mirror to star-filled sky
sometimes moonlight covers
scenery with shining silver

when december brings snow
upon buildings and trees
all ground turns white
everything glows in starlight
even in darkest days of year
celestial light beautifies my view


respect separates us from animals
ability to more than personal interest

respect for holyness
faith to something
greater than us

respect for beauty
attachment to things
that please us

respect for ourselves
will to look in mirror
and like what you see

respect for each other
having compassion
on fellow humans


I'm good in fighting pain
I've had practice
in some forms I enjoy it
tolerating pain

pains aren't cumulative
you can fight one pain with another
mental pain with physical
or vice versa
I prefer physical

I also fear pain
hard acute intolerable
a lesser pain I can fight
live with for long
I am patient

Escape from reality

thousand worlds
stories to hear
any of them better than reality

short escapes from
the terrible weight
of reality hanging over me

I am Damocles
aware of the constant danger
I am Atlas
whole world on my shoulders

fiction delivers
from what eyes see
from what mind knows
from this world
from reality


I never ask help
never ever

it's not just my pride
it's one of those locks in my head

even on highway to hell
I don't ask instructions to heaven

it's not that I don't except help
it's not that I don't need help

I just never ask
never ever


I'm tired
nothing cheers me up
I'm bored
nothing interests me
I'm lonely
nothing I can do about it

there's nothing I can reach
there's nothing that reaches me

everything seems nothing
nothing seems everything

there's just nothing all around
and me creating some whining
in the middle of nothing


in the evenings
when the sun gets low
a seagull couple
sits on the roof
I see from my window

some days they don't come
sometimes they walk around
sometimes they just stand
sometimes they lie down like sleeping

but there's always two
when one arrives the other soon follows
when one leaves the other soon follows
they're always together
as I'm always alone


almost midnight
still brightfiery sky
like an ill omen

orange fades
through scale of colors
like a dying flame

no true darkness
unseen sun shining
like an eternal morning

Wolf of memories

the hour of the wolf
they say it's from three to four
when past comes to haunt
memories crawl from shadows

the wolf strikes me hard
every fang a gone year
every claw a wasted chance
a hair for each of my memories

some nights I'm lucky
dreams save me from the wolf
but more often wolf comes
early and leaves late

the wolf of memories hunts
its claws tear dreams apart
its jaw drags me awake
wolf eats me for all night

A little bit of perfection

a little bit of perfection
just the right taste
an ultimately beautiful melody
a superbly witty twist in a story

such thing saves the day
makes the day

a little bit of perfection
a comfortable position
a reason to laugh
moment of happiness

makes it all worth it

Living dead

I am a living dead
alive and yet not
walking and talking
but not living

buried alive
in coffin of home
as far from the living
as six foot under

I am an undead
a cursed spirit
with neither the
peace of death
nor joy of life


I took a walk today
all over my hometown
saw places I hadn't seen for years
saw places I had never seen

funny how you never go
along so many roads
never enter that alley
never cross that park

I walked the street that
took me to school a thousand times
things I knew were missing
things I don't know have appeared

other streets I've never been to
I see buildings for the first time
how long will they be here
what was here that I never saw

just this once for years
I took a walk around
for no reason at all
for best reason there is


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Re: My poetry

Did it

I could have done it years ago
many many years

half my life ago
if I'd known the trick
didn't know back then

but now I've known for years
just never got on with it
until now

just like that
one ordinary day
I did it

could have done it any day
but that's how I am
never do things
until one day I do

Writer's block

I can't cry the words
to fill even few verses
I'm all out of tears
though I never shed many

I can't bleed my heart out
paint poetry from feelings
my heart is too stony
core of cold steel

I can't burn the paper
with my anger and frustration
the fire has died
ashes are cool

all I have to write about
are my needs and fears and desires
but those I can not speak
too deep to reveal
would have to tear myself open
I can't


I don't know her name
so I'll call her Hope
'cause that she is to me

only one there is
and greatest for ages
but so far away

like the end of galaxy
beyond lightyears
one word away

I wish for something
terribly impropable
utterly unheard of

miracles never happen
dreams never come true
yet there is Hope


yellow replaces green
trees undressing
streets fill from leaves

all the fallen leaves
remind about time
changing of seasons

time has passed
dead leaves
lost opportunities


pale sun doesn't warm
just hangs there
barely above horizon
almost making fun

air has become cool
winds cold to skin
no sign of summer left
frost comes at nights

another autumn has come
a calm atmosphere
feels like coming home
things are like they should

A chance

I see a chance ahead of me
a rare opportunity
to reach out to world
to climb back to life

there it is
closing day by day
coming to me like a train
I'd have to jump on moving

I watch it come
hesitate whether to grab it
getting more nervous
losing my faith

it comes and goes
like so many before
I remain here
regreting and waiting

Smell of winter

walking white streets
I notice something
almost forgotten it
the smell of winter

it comes every year
when mercury falls
in still winter days
one of those moments

I know what it really is
just pollution in air
smoke from factory pipes
but to me it is
a memory of past years
the smell of winter

My sword

my sword was once sharp
strong and fast
skill nearly unmatched
in my days of dim glory

then I put it away
found no more use
went to quiet sleep
decaying rest

my sword has rusted
my edge is gone
nothing to be proud of
shadow in light of past

so hard to re-sharpen
to rise again
after falling so low
become much from little

my sword lies unused
I can't find strength
to lift and wield it
not even to grab the handle

Fleeting time

snow melts away
from streets and roofs
another winter gone
another season gone
used up

they escape me
I keep wasting chances
piece of my time
piece of my life
now history

life and time
like water in hands
can't be held
can't be owned
slips away

Bitter memory

I didn't realize
it could have been
my finest hour

I didn't expect
it could go so bad
my darkest moment

one chance to shine
to rise to glory
I didn't see it
I ignored it
I didn't care

I thought I'd do fine
but I didn't
it wasn't my fault
she told me so
I knew it then
now I'm not sure


there was a time
I fell into a group of
freaks and weirdos
losers and misfits
excentrics and genius'

in that freakshow
I appeared normal
but as time went by
I drifted away
became outsider

outsider to that
group of outsiders
freak to the freakshow
freak to the power of two

not their fault
not my fault
some bad luck
but that's not it
that's just the way it is
that's how it always is


I saw three swans
on pond nearby
some come every year
harbingers of spring

next day swans were gone
the pond empty again
they never stay here
just passing by

I wonder why three
one looked smaller
the one swimming last
following others

perhaps a couple
and their offspring
like me and my parents
stuck together for now


above me is a lamp
been there always
as long as I remember
an everyday thing

two luminous pipes
rectangular box
like the ones in
hospitals and schools

flies go in there
they never get out
sixteen of them now
sleeping in light

My town

here was a village
where a factory appeared
the village grew to town
long before my birth

the factory brought my father
the town brought my mother
without those I would not be
I was born of this town

piece by piece factory quits
one day it will be gone
town is following it's way
I may yet outlive both


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Re: My poetry

Storms of seasons

summer storms are awesome
water pouring down
in drops so heavy
wind has no power on them
thunder lighting darkness
and deafening ears

autumn storms are depressing
mediocre wind and mediocre rain
reaping leaves from trees
spreading destruction and decay
everything dark and grey
promising to stay so forever

winter storms are cruel
sharp snow thrown in
unstopable winds
that go where they want to
always ending to your face
to add sting to the cold

spring storms are my favourite
just pure powerful wind
no water of any kind in air
dust of the roads at worst
world cleansing itself
swinging in joyous dance


I hate myself
that doesn't happen often
I'm depressed
that does

I can't relax
not with booze
not with music
no way

I keep waiting for
the right moment
everything to be perfect
wasting seconds
one by one
and they all go

why can't I learn
why can't I get up
why can't I open my mouth
why this head full of locks

I know what to do
I think I could do it
I just


universe is toying with me
letting me see hope
letting me get so close
then takes it away
before I can reach it
before I can even try

I have learned patience
but there's only so much
a man can take

I can see hope
I can dream
hope escapes me
dreams fade away

despair always returns
like darkness comes in
as flames of hope

Another year

another year soon over
what have I done

broke some records
of my own
got myself a job
for now
met some old friends

celebrated some big anniversaries
'95 was a good year
better than this

a bitter year
best of decade
so far
yet painful
in so many ways

my old bitterness and hate
on world
everything not me
is fading away and losing strength

but only to be replaced
by judgement on myself

has been a hard year
a good year
important year
just another stupid year

propably have to
start all over again
in january


they build a tower
designed long ago
to honor the architect

people said
money wasted

I walked there
town streets I knew
forest paths I didn't
climbed to the top

three directions
blocked by trees
only one view
but what a view that is

labyrinth of lakes
behind scale model town
of tiny box buildings
cars going like ants

the gigantic pipe
symbol of the factory
now had it's top
level with me

some places visible
like never before
my home just hidden
behind church's belfry

I stood there for long
wondering the world
climbed down solemnly
and walked away

they build a tower
designed long ago
to honor the architect

I think
money well spend

To work

five days a week
the ten minutes of morning
I walk to office
the very same route

the stairs
the path
the traffic lights
the main street

sometimes jackdaws sit on roofs
sometimes bums hang outside liquor store
sometimes streets seem too empty
sometimes I see her and we say hi

always a bus passes by me
always the lights outside city hall go out
just as I walk there they leave me in dark
always I hope I'd see her today

one day will be different
clockwork snaps out of place
and something will end
my job or my loneliness

Beauty of winter

every tree every bush
covered in white
not thick fallen snow
but delicate frost
surreal beauty
of fairy-tale land

setting sun paints clouds red
they fade to pink to purple
all that was white
follows their dance of colors
and when sun is gone
world is shining blue

cold and beauty squeeze my chest
calmness restrains my mind
I had already forgotten
these miraculous feelings
this is why people say
they couldn't live without snow

Warmth of spring

spring re-energizes sun
I can feel the warmth
on skin of my frostbitten face
first time for so long time

the sun has reborn
making it more than the pale ghost
it has been whole long winter
warmth has returned

warmth has returned
after empty loneliness
awakening me back to life
my soul has new fire

almost forgotten feelings
melting my core of ice
I can feel the warmth
she is my spring


lost it again
slipped once more
stepped on the line
and beyond

should feel guilty
totally ashamed of myself
but I'm only disappointed
and not much

mostly it's just
fear of getting caught
only real guilt comes from
not feeling anything


I'm too young
to hang out with grown-ups
if I ever was young

I'm too old
to be among youngsters
I always have been too old

I'm too proud
to join geeks and nerds
I have my dignity

I'm too freaky
to be excepted by normals
not that I care

I'm too intelligent
to talk with ordinary rabble
I grow tired of them

I'm too stupid
to deserve great company
I have to work for it


anger and fury
can't hold anymore
fall to despair
failiar is here

I have lost
like never before
what I did thousand times
was too much today

nobody can understand
what this means to me
just a game
a trivial thing

my honor is lost
my self-respect
I can't face
the eyes in mirror

darkest day
to be remembered years
with unequaled horror
forever fear


had to do it
right then
that day
or be damned

one chance was gone
it was so close
but not enough

I needed this
to be able to face
the eyes in mirror

for moment it seemed
to happen with beauty
and all would be well
but no
not that simple

yet in the end
I got there
it was good enough
I can live with that

Blessed by time

time consumes
eventually breaks
things dear to me
nothing lasts forever

time transforms
shapes and recolors
things dear to me
everything changes

time gives value
creates attachment
things dear to me
golded by years

all I have
ever have had
becomes closer to my heart
objects names places people
blessed by time


blizzard like frozen hell
nothing leaves shelter
no man nor beast
but be

it was a clear challenge to me
universe itself calling me out
shouldn't have done that
I never back down

snow almost blocking view
falling horizontally
part of the wind

wind draws tears
from eyes that don't cry
cold stings skin
too numb to feel

pure insanity
no point to do that
normal people think

it gave moment of tranquil
to me
and inspiration
this poem
to you


a song bursts from my breast
I'm filled with joy
today nothing in the world
can spoil my happiness

I finally have
what I waited for years
now handed to me
just like that

for this one time
universe shone at me
I got what I deserved
justice was done

pleasure beyond words
brilliance in my very soul
even if it is
just a game


I walked a dark path
as far from city lights
as I ever go

suddenly I realize
the brightness of sky
filled with stars

Orion rising
Cassiopeia right above
constellations known to me
innumerable stars I don't have name for
light blot of Pleiades

I don't wonder how big is universe
nor how small am I
but the greatness of mind and soul
reaching every single one
of those balls of fire


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K I'm so impressed! You express yourself so well - and considering that English is not your first language, your writings are absolutely amazing. So so good!

Anything Goes
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Re: My poetry

At some years I've been more inspired and some...
It's been a while since I've written anything.

As for English, I'm much more comfortable expressing myself in language other than my own. Though in storytelling I've so far used Finnish, other than the few short stories in the other topic.


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Re: My poetry


on a road I hadn't seen for a year
they had cut the woods away

where once I ran hidden
it was now open
as far as eye can see

where once I was between bends
I was now in open
long strip of the road

I could see the race track and the hospital
and a landspace I'd never seen

and as the wind chilled me
where there had been no wind before
feeling of great loss filled me

that place wouldn't be the same
in my lifetime

but I smelled the fresh cut pine
more than ever when the trees stood
and as something was lost
I gained a thing near equal

for an endless moment I ran
wind striking me
scent of pine overwhelming
wide view filling me with awe

it was a rare moment when changing
losing old and gaining new
didn't feel bad at all

No war

I was ready for war
but world didn't come out
it hides in fortress
of unbreakable walls

I can't siege it
impossible for one
without allies
fury wasted in scream

conflict is postponed
as so many times before
and it is I who am besieged
running out of everything

Autumn Again

green to yellow and red
sun still warm
but winds already cold
autumn again

leafblower howls
traffic seems louder
in clear air
autumn again

warmth returns momentarily
a day shows beauty
tomorrow rainclouds
autumn again

Black Hole

positive exists no more
my misery is infinite
swallows everything
I am a black hole
more than the petty planet next to me

the most pitiful of human beings
origo of all suffering in the universe
black hole devouring
all that comes to me
or tries to radiate from me

I keep collapsing
to smaller tighter harder
everything has only one direction
to the center of black hole
worlds disappear into me

sooner or later
even black holes die
pressure builds beyond understanding
until hypernova destroys and ends it
to the void scattering me

Not enough

I don't have enough
hours in a day
days in a week
weeks in a month
months in a year
years in a lifetime

not enough
space in my harddrive
empty CDs to burn
shelves on my closets

not enough books
not enough comics
not enough movies
not enough games
only for a few lifetimes

Flight of a Tern

stormy winds throw any bird
that dares to take off to air
only tern rises against them
as on a weather fair

no other bird can move there
with such elegance
against the gush he glides
in perfect balance

tern rides the winds
like gull rides the waves
tilts if he wants to
but never he sways

tern controls his moves and
rules his enviroment
master of his fate
lord of his element

Colors of Autumn Ending

red has burned away
yellow fading into winter's white
all grey and brown
in light of the pale sun
that hangs low
bright in clear air

for few moments
in the beautiful autumn eve
clouds have scattered
and the weak sun throws
all it's remaining power
to turn the grey sky blue

Early Autumn

summer's fading
sun's still warm
but no longer hot

leaves and needles
dry and fall
cover the streets

smells of everything green
dying in humidity
not burned dry by sun

rains have come
not the sweaty thunder
warm summer showers
but cold gray rain
that autumn wind throws at you

only halfway August
but I smell the death
see the descending sun
feel the return of cold
fall is early this year

it calls me out
as always
to walk and run
in windy coolness
and absorb it all


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Re: My poetry

Snow and Gloom

it's dark and pretty and cold
snow feels and sounds
like walking on bubblewrap

then comes the real cold
both air and stars above
so bright and clear

the darkness inside me
turns to striking cold
sharp as the stars
and once again I run

The Great Goal

ten years I've tried
to climb the mountain
only to fall every time
and start again from the bottom

I have seen the top
just a little luck
just a little more luck

not this time either
time to call it a night
failed like always before

but I'll return
again and again
as long as it takes
or die trying

Once More Winter

I feared I'd not see again
winter like they used to be
a real winter

winter that bites your face
burns your fingers numb
cold shaking every muscle
taking away strength

snow on the streets
makes walking tiresome
hiding ice under it
crunching as you step

the great whiteness
covers bare trees and bushes
going through shades of blue
as the short day ends

moon throwing shadows
bright sky full of stars
glimmer of flakes in air
all the light in darkness

I feared I'd not see again
winter like they used to be
a real winter

Untold Future

There is battle
and there is people
There is stagnation
and there is evil

Eight I throw
two of each
to see what
they can teach

First I see
anchors turned down
Change is to come
I shall not drown

Next try gives
anchor and face
someone will stay
wont leave this place

Final time
One up one down
of every piece
Nothing is found

The eight of four
speak little tonight
How ever I read them
I hardly see right

Future is foggy
I can't get through
Time hides it's secrets
from mortal view

Yet Another Autumn

leaves dance on streets
sound and sight of autumn
in my only home

I don't even know them
except the great maple leaves
here and here and there

world is yellow and pale
sunset striking orange
for few wonderful moments

this is autumn here
like so many years before
making me write once again

Smell of Green

one day when I stepped outside
I was met by something familiar
but not familiar from here
not from town

it was the smell of forest
still moist from recent rain
drops evaporating in sun
soon gone

was it the lawn that gave the smell
or the birch in the corner
did wind carry the smell of green
to my front yard

New Year

I'm outside every new year
at the hour of midnight
out there walking
seeing hearing smelling
as many fireworks I can

there's no longer
one huge glorious display
like the ones of my childhood
the ones that taught me
to go out every new year

but for an hour or so
I walk around anyway
to make most of everything
people here and there shoot to sky
or just blow up on ground

and I don't have a care in the world
feeling more friendly and social
than any other time all year
I am free
just for that hour or so

Not Tonight

sleep is vicious thing
thief that takes our time
paying with bits of strength
for hours more valuable

you can only fight it so long
eventually you'll lose
sooner or later

but for a moment
maybe even a whole night
you can try
to put up a good fight

I stand against dreaming
will not surrender
not tonight

just for once sleep
has to wait for its victory
to another night
to another battle
and it can't take this from me

Worn Out

never have I walked so far
come such way with nothing but my feet
never worn myself out so

every step is spear to my thigh
few running seconds
ease the pain for a moment
till you must walk again
and it strikes back like hangover

every person I meet makes me wonder
should I ask for help
but I've come so far
I have so little more to go
can't give up now

once more I kneel
can't keep walking
can't even stay standing
but I catch my breath
and go on

closer and closer to home
make the final lengths
and can only lie on the floor

That's all "regular" poetry I've ever written. But now we get to few special items I'm particularly proud of. Though by "now" I mean whenever I happen t


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Re: My poetry

So here starts my short category of "special" poetry.

Let's start with the least. I'm not particularly proud of this artistically, but... valiant effort. Which is ironic considering the subject.

Long ago, due certain movie I got so interested on this subject that I ended up making a poem. The Shinsengumi were a short-lived police/paramilitary organization in 1860's Japan. Tom Cruise's Last Samurai (not the film I referred, but I kind of like it too) depicts the last phases of them - about as accurately as my poem.


In era of a great unrest
brought by new ideas of west
leaders of the ancient realm
sought for way to make it calm

Two hundred warriors were found
but many by other loyalties bound
re-evaluated were they so
that nine of every ten would go

From the two dozen trusted
two as captains were promoted
one who'd yet gain honor, fame
but other bringing all them shame

A drunk and thief, people appalled
caused whole troop be Wolves called
leaders of the land gave order
one to commit colleague's murder

Man of honor obeyed, did the deed
from dishonor his men freed
his second in command attain
will now the rank of vice-captain

Now with good men in command
the troop does well protect the land
a legendary fame they earned
saving capital planned to be burned

As fame grew more men appeared
to band now honored, even feared
joined and became their patrons
until there were ten squadrons

But then upon them fell fate ill
heroes outlaw'd, free to kill
revolution changed government
this brought warriors' tragic end

With their masters lost, away
survivors stay on warrior's way
continue fight to death with honor
last soldiers of a lost war


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