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Board Rules, please read

1. If you are posting here, it means you are Runboard user and should have read ]Runboard Terms of service. That means no porn, advertisement, piracy, racism etc.

2. Do not hotlink pictures or copy articles (beyond reasonable quote). Post links to what you want to show us and upload your pictures to Photobucket or similar service.

3. Please post new topics to correct forum. Otherwise I will move the topic where it belongs. The forums are intended for these purposes:

Welcome: introductions, board related matters and official Runboard business
The Flying Scotsman: daily chit-chat and subjects that don't fit elsewhere, including movies and other entertainment
Gaming: meant for computer and video games, but talk about board/card games or game related books/movies is also welcome
Photography and Writing: your own photos and fiction/storytelling; you may post other kinds of works loosely fitting here, but no copyrighted material
Sports: anything that can be called a sport
Question of the day: tell what you think or ask what others do
Discussions: scientific, political, legal, moral, philosophical; all the serious issues

4. I am not going to be a referee. Everyone here is adult (at the moment) and can defend themselves. If you are offended by someone's post(s), you can either answer in kind or ignore that topic.

5. Systematic harassment of a member is absolutely not tolerated. If you have an issue with someone, keep it in one topic. If there are several ongoing discussions you can of course disagree and argue on various subjects, but if it's personal, say what you have to in one topic.

6. I will not censor strong language. Proper grammar is respectable but not required. I will take action only if your posts have absolutely no other content than swearing at people.


99. If you fail to follow these rules, you will 1. be politely asked to correct your behaviour 2. be politely asked to leave the board until you can behave or else... 3. smack goes the ban hammer.


999999999. I will add as many rules as necessary. Please don't give me a reason to add one.

Edit: Spelling error corrected.

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