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Re: Independence Day Quiz

Well, being so quiet here I ran the actual event elsewhere.

But being the big year, here's a quiz anyway, see how many you know:

1. What are the two official languages of Finland and what is a third language that has been official?
2. How much is the population of Finland?
3. How many presidents has Finland had? (including current)
4. In what team sport has Finland won more European Championships than any other country? (besides silly sports invented in Finland)
5. Alaska and an area in north tip of Delaware, southeast Pennsylvania and west tip of New Jersey (along Delaware River); what connection do these two places of USA have to Finland?
6. How many times has Finland won ice hockey world championship?
7. What Finnish band consists of Ville Valo, Mige, Linde, Burton and Kosmo (replacing Gas Lipstick from the longest/best known line-up)?
8. World Rally Championship (for drivers) has been raced 41 times; how many of those have been won by Finnish drivers?
9. What electronics brand is named after a town in Finland?
10. What connects Peter III of Russia (1728-1762) and prince Frederick Charles of Hesse (1868-1940)? (hint: answer includes term "could have" or "almost")
11. What video game franchise is the main product of Finnish developer Rovio?
12. How many Finns have won Nobel prize? (including the Economics prize, excluding R. Granit who had become Swedish citizen at time of receiving the award for medicine)
13. What year did Finland host Olympics?
14. How many Finnish drivers have won Formula 1 (drivers') championship? (I will also accept another answer if it includes explanation why it's right)
15. What year was Finnish Civil War fought?
16. Of what sport developed in America have Finns come up with an altered version played (almost) only here?
17. Who is the only Finnish director with notable Hollywood career? (hint: he has 5 nominations of Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Director)
18. British attack on southwestern coast of Finland, here known as "Åland War", was part of what larger war?
19. How many times has Finland won Eurovision Song Contest?
20. How many countries in world are larger by area than Finland?

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